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How Can You Help Your Students Land Their First Job?

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

by FutureLab | 26 Feb 2019

1. Networking opportunities

While having the right connections for your students might, but it is also important to provide students with networking events to meet different people at once.

Your events should also not only focus on the class year but by subject or topic. This allows students to meet people around a common topic outside of their class year!

2. Networking connections

By setting up your alumni network, your students are able to connect and meet with alumni online. A strong alumni network provides your students with the connections to expand their job search and sources. In addition, your alumni are able to guide and advise your students to help land their first job.

3. Recruitment and job postings

Having a platform for job postings would bridge the gap between your students and companies. This is not only limited to full-time employment, but also internship or job shadowing opportunities for students.

4. Job search training

Your students will be able to have access to training materials or sessions to help them with their job search. This includes workshops on writing a CV, cover letter, or even interview training. You can also bring relevant mentors to help provide some pointers for your students to land their first job.

How can FutureLab help?

FutureLab has a portal that will help your students land their first job through reengaging with alumni. We have features that revolve on community engagement, such as event management tool, mentorship platform, and recruitment tools for your alumni network. To find out more, click here!


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