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How can mentors help you

Career Conversations 

Whether you're charting your career path or exploring new opportunities, our mentors are here to guide and enlighten you.

Transition your career

Engage with mentors who have effectively navigated career transitions; let their experiences guide you in making your own successful move.

Business Coaching

Connect with experienced business owners who can share invaluable insights on the path to building a successful business.

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Join our ASEAN Emerging Leaders Program

A 3-month online mentorship program for ambitious young professionals, focusing on leadership skills development. Gain personalised mentorship with global leaders and earn a recognized certificate upon program completion

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Community Stories

Find out why our FutureLab mentor and mentees are winning in life!

Eric Samuel

Management Consultant

Accenture Malaysia

I have discovered a deep sense of fulfillment when helping my mentees to take the next step forward. Be it, in terms of their first job or a career change​​.


I’m using Futurelab to replace my other social medias..Through Futurelab’s mentors, I managed to secure myself a spot as a Business Analyst in Big 4!


Qi Chan

Business Analyst

KPMG Malaysia


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