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1:1 Mentorship With Industry Leaders In A Few Clicks

Join our community to gain access to over 4000 mentors who'd love to be a part of your personal and professional journey.

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How Can FutureLab Mentors Help You?


Whether you're a young professional or a seasoned worker, thousands of our mentors who have effectively navigated career transitions are ready to guide you to the next phase of your career! 


We launch programs and events that put you and other valuable connections in the same room. Meet and learn firsthand from industry professionals, potential employers, and other mentors!

Personal Development

Mentors can serve as role models and offer advice on personal development, including building confidence, managing stress, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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Who Are FutureLab Mentors For?

Entrepreneurs/Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Our mentors have done it too - the jump into launching their own businesses and making it successful. Learn from the best at FutureLab!

Early & Mid-Career Professionals

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Would you like to make a difference and leave an impact? Join us as a mentor!

FutureLab mentors support professionals at various career stages, providing guidance on navigating challenges, advancing careers, and achieving goals.

Career-Transitioning Individuals

Making a career change is never easy. However, it's more common than you think and we have thousands of mentors ready to help you navigate this change. 

Navigating Work Life Post-Career Break

Whether you're a new mum looking to step back into the working world, or simply an individual who took a hiatus, our mentors are ready to guide you through this exciting chapter!

Community Stories

Find out why our FutureLab mentor and mentees are winning in life!

Eric Samuel

Management Consultant

Accenture Malaysia

I have discovered a deep sense of fulfillment when helping my mentees to take the next step forward. Be it, in terms of their first job or a career change​​.


I’m using Futurelab to replace my other social medias..Through Futurelab’s mentors, I managed to secure myself a spot as a Business Analyst in Big 4!


Qi Chan

Business Analyst

KPMG Malaysia

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