3 Reasons Why You Should Join The FutureLab Community [updated]

by Neekita Patel | 2 Mar 2018

FutureLab's vision as a social enterprise is to create a community that continuously learns and supports each other through mentorship. We aim to create more opportunities for you to connect and bond with people who truly care for one another and this is how we are going about it!

1. Connect with expert industry mentors for free

Develop professionally and experience personal growth by connecting with our mentor community of over 2,000 mentors who will support, teach and inspire you.

Whether you are a student, young professional or aspiring entrepreneur, our mentors can help you achieve your goals through various ways; helping you through job applications, providing industry insights and validating your startup ideas.

With mentors from a variety of backgrounds such as marketing, data analytics, AI specialists, finance and so many more all making up a part of FutureLab's awesome community, you have the opportunity to gather insight and knowledge from experts of different fields who can help you make informed career decisions!

With their expertise, they are in an ideal position to help you figure out what is most important for your career ambition and what you can do to get there. Our mentorship service is also a great way to get specific support on a short-term basis, such as a project which stretches your skills, or the transition to a new job.

2. Got questions about growth? Ask our community of professionals!

FutureLab has a question & answer feature! This enables users to post a question, tag a mentor or an industry – and get their question answered by informed, seasoned experts.

This feature is particularly useful for those shy users who aren’t sure which mentors they would like to connect with yet. They can use this questions feature as a way to test the waters with our pool of mentors and follow up on their replies via a mentoring booking session.

Leaving a question also gives other mentees and mentors in the community the opportunity to learn more and connect with you over a mutual topic of interest, giving you the chance to widen your network on our platform.

3. Get to know the mentorship community better through events

We believe that shared events are vital for community development, hence we organized numerous offline events as opportunities to build stronger relationships with fellow community members.

The events we host range from casual networking events, talks and personalized coffee sessions with mentors to speed mentoring.

However in the light of COVID-19, online webinars and events are available for you to be a part of for you to safely learn and connect such as Accenture's recent collaborations with FutureLab to bring The Mentor Perspective webinar series to the community.

Are you ready to be a part of our awesome mentoring community?

Sign up here to connect with a mentor using your free mentorship session today!

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