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Solve Youth Unemployment Through Mentorship

Grow with us as an impact-driven mentor in Southeast Asia

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Be part of our goal to mentor 5 million youths across Southeast Asia by 2025

Our mentors come from top companies like:


Be an impact-driven mentor to help youth navigate their careers

Navigate mentees' career on the right path

Identify mentee skill gaps

Educate on industry relevant skills

Answer concerns that mentees have


Why you should become a mentor


Be a certified mentor

Attend mentor introductory training, contribute 4 hours worth of mentorship sessions such as 1-on-1 and group mentoring sessions

Attend FutureLab's complimentary Mentor Training
once you've been onboarded

This programme is designed with exemplary communication techniques and various positive psychological model to help you increase the effectiveness of your Mentoring conversation.

For 1 hour, you will learn:

  • How to build rapport with your mentees easily in a timely manner

  • About FutureLab mentoring conversation framework

  • Skillsets and standard practices to conduct group mentoring sessions

Start your mentoring journey now!

Apply As A Mentor

Complete your application on the sign up page and fill in your Mentor profile

Get To Know Us

You will be invited to a short chat for us to get to know you better

Onboarding and Training

You will be given all the tools and frameworks to assist you in conducting impactful mentoring sessions.

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Ready, Set, Make Impact!

While you are changing lives, we will continue to support your mentorship journey with our tech and community

Hear more from our mentors

We’ll let our mentors speak about all the impact they’ve made through mentorship


Being in many industries and many types of organization helps me give a fair comparison that can guide the mentees through the start of their career

Syed Faisal, Mentor

Management Consultant Senior Manager (SC&O), Accenture


It's rewarding to see the mentees I've mentored in FutureLab actually bring out results of looking for a job and attending interviews

Robin Coenraad

Lead Digital Marketing Trainer,

RedBeat Academy