Grow With Us As An Impact-Driven Mentor In South East Asia

Level up through our Mentor Training programme and acquire the skills needed to create changes in the lives of others

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Helping 5 Million Youths in South East Asia Secure A
Digital Job By 2025

Be An Impact-Driven Mentor To:

Navigate mentees' career on the right path

Identify mentee

skill gaps

Educate on industry relevant skills

Answer the concerns mentees have

Why You Should Be A Mentor

Make An Impact

Make a difference in society with the skills and knowledge that you know

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Build Your Leadership Skills

Hone your leadership skills through hands-on mentoring experience and our in-house Mentor Training programme

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Increase Personal Brand Visibility

Get featured as a guest speaker on our webinars and podcasts

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Do Good & Be Rewarded

Earn gratuity through our corporate projects once you have completed enough mentoring hours

Start Your Mentoring Journey Now!

Apply As A Mentor

Complete your application on the sign up page and fill in your Mentor profile

You will be invited to a short chat for us to get to know you better

Onboarding and Training

You will be given all the tools and frameworks to assist you in conducting impactful mentoring sessions.

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Ready, Set, Make Impact!

While you are changing lives, we will continue to support your mentorship journey with our tech and community

Get To Know Us

Hear From Our Community

We’ll let our community speak for themselves, check out what they have to say!

"The exchange of knowledge and experiences is what makes it a

Jen Tzen, FutureLab Mentor

Design Thinking Program Lead

Hasso Plattner Institute

Conn Yee, FutureLab Mentor
Management Consultant


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"Through FutureLab, I was able to connect with practitioners for

first-hand insights, build clearer career goals, and accelerate my interview preparation."

"It's rewarding to see the mentees I've mentored in

Robin Coenraad

Lead Digital Marketing Trainer

Redbeat Academy

FutureLab actually bring out results of looking for a job, and attending interviews.


 positive experience for me."

"So the mentors are able to share from the company's perspective,

Alexis Wijaya, Mentee

Distribution Team

Linde Malaysia

Young Woman on Street

so me as a jobseeker, it becomes more relevant and [makes me stand out more] among other candidates."

"I learned that this is actually an opportunity I got to provide

growth development for both mentor and mentees."

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Erika Widury, FutureLab Mentor

Sales Director

Vitasoy International

"[My mentor] was very generous in sharing tips for job search,

tools to understand myself and the career path that I choose. Thanks Mr. Selvan and FutureLab"

Jayee, Mentee
Academic Services Officer University of South Australia

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the mentor application process? What do I have to do?

It takes 1 week from the moment you have been interviewed. The application process consists of scheduling an interview, speaking with our community team, and onboarding and training.

How much does it cost to book a mentor?

Your first session after registering as a mentee is free! Next and following session would cost RM15 per session via mentorship credits

If my mentee did not show up during the session, how do I report?

During the onboarding and training session, our Community team will explain the steps and process on how to report. If the problem persists, reach out to us and we'll help you!

How much do I have to commit as a mentor?

It's based on your availability, but we recommend conducting at least 3 mentoring sessions a year

How long does a mentorship session last?

On average, a mentorship session will last for 1 hour, depending on the information shared and the number of questions asked by your mentee

Do I have to physically meet my mentee?

No, everything from scheduling to conducting the session, to submitting reviews is done via our platform.

Who are the mentees that I will speak to?

The mentees in our platform consists of Students, Working Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Jobseekers

What is FutureLab's business model?

We are a SaaS enterprise, providing mentoring software for organizations and learning institutions to manage their online mentoring programs

If I can't commit, what do I do?

You may turn on the "Do not disturb" mode until you are ready to commit again. Alternatively, you may deactivate your mentor account at any moment

Do mentors earn on FutureLab?

All mentors are here on a voluntary basis, however, there will be opportunities for mentors to receive rewards and tokens of appreciation for particular programmes and initiatives.

How many mentors do you have on FutureLab?

To date, we have over 3000 mentors

Is the mentor training compulsory?

Yes, all mentors on FutureLab would have to undergo the training that's conducted by our Community team. This is to ensure that you are fully prepared and ready to kickstart your mentor journey!