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Hi Miss Sam, can you share the documents with me?

Hey Theeban, sure give me a second :)

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Sam Ong

Sam Ong


FutureLab's software allows us to track everyone's feedbacks

Nur Aliah

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Types of Mentoring Programmes We Cover

Universities & Colleges

We help universities design student employability programmes:​

  • Connecting students with industry mentors

  • Identifying solutions and problem solving skills

  • Grow an ecosystem by networking

  • Mentor/Mentee Training available


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Nurali Rahman

Accelerator Programme
SUPERB 2021 from

Power Your Organization By Launching Our Software

Our one-stop mentorship portal enables your organization to easily create,

manage and track mentoring programs

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Centralized and automated mentoring portal

Mentors and mentees are able to communicate and manage their mentorship relationships using one centralized platform.

From scheduling to video calls to chat and even convenient reminders, mentorship has never been this easy!

Program tracking & analytics

Track the success of your program using our comprehensive analytics tool and download valuable data from your program for impact reporting.

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Branding and integration

White label the mentorship portal and system emails with your organisation's branding. Integration with your existing platform is possible too! Chat with us to learn more.

Why Choose FutureLab?


Quick solution

Our self-service platform is easy to navigate and set up


End-to-end support

We offer mentoring program consultation and support


A trusted partner

We have done this for 5 years with multiple organisations!

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