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Moving Up the Ladder: Strategies to Get Your Next Promotion

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

by Joel | 21 Mar 2017

At FutureLab, we want you to succeed in your workplace and continue to get better and so here are some strategies you can use to help you get your next promotion.

1: Get a mentor

He/She can give you valuable insights and advice on how to get that promotion.

2: Take the First Step

If you know something has to be done do it before your boss asks you to. It shows initiative.

3: Be adaptable

When your boss gives you something new, do it. It shows you are willing to learn new things.

4: Confidence is key

Stand strong in your decisions and show your boss you know what you are doing.

5: Know your weaknesses

If you acknowledge them, you know how to improve to become a better candidate.

6: Get to know your boss

Imagine your boss is the gatekeeper between you and your promotion. If he likes you he is more likely to open the gate and let you through.

7: Ask for the promotion

If you don’t ask you don’t receive. Asking shows your boss you are interested in a promotion.

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