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7 Key Steps to Achieve Success in Business, Career and Life

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

by Dirk Coetsee | 15 Dec 2018

This post includes seven key ways to unleash your potential and make those dreams that you foster a reality. Most business people of course want to increase profits and career oriented individuals want to exponentially increase their salaries at the same time of course all of us want to find fulfilment and happiness. Acting on the seven keys creates a balance in your life that results in business and career success, peace and happiness.

Amongst other techniques and practices I coach these keys to my corporate and individual clients towards inspiring them towards fulfilment and sustainable success.

1. Control your mind. Your mind can be like a monkey running in all directions with no real intent or purpose until you guide and focus it. You have control over your thoughts albeit that mind control requires daily and focused effort. When you are in control of your thoughts and focus them on what you want to achieve in a positive, creative and constructive way you are more powerful and peaceful at the same time.

2. You do not attract what you want but instead what you are.

You are nothing but the collective of your beliefs. There are beliefs that you entertain that serves and empowers you yet there are also beliefs that you entertain that distracts you and affects you negatively. You have to firmly believe in your abilities and vision as an entrepreneur to attract the right partners, investors and talent to support you in making your dreams a reality.

In this way you are like a magnet attracting your inner beliefs to you both those that serve you and those that does not. Therefore carefully consider and work on what you believe. Key to the process of Peak performance in any area of your life is to remove the beliefs that you have that places limitations on your performance such as for example ‘I am not worthy’.

There are various coaching techniques that a coach can use to remove the limits from your thinking and inspire you to have an unshakeable belief in yourself. You have to be confident to attract confident people to you. You have to believe in your business purpose to attract clients , partners and team members that also believe in what you are doing.

3. Use fear, doubts and insecurities as triggers to take action.

Special Forces operators, top sport performers and top entrepreneurs often appear to be fearless yet that is not true. Top performers use their fears, doubts and insecurities as prompts to take positive and immediate action as opposed to allowing your fears to cripple you into prolonged periods of procrastination.

4. Build enduring relationships based on trust.

Businesses and lives develop ‘at the speed of trust’ because when there is mutual trust between business or sport team members decisions can be taken rapidly and ensuing actions are more powerful , confident and rapid. When there is a low level of trust in teams a high level of procrastination, slow execution with a low level of confidence is often a result.

5. Do what you love.

Albeit a cliché it is a fact that you spend a lot of precious time at work and it is a sad scenario if you daily and constantly do something that you do not even like at all. When you do what you love you are automatically more fulfilled and peaceful and as a result you are just better at it.

6. Love your team.

Leadership is the ability to create results through other people and to create other leaders. Care for your team and create a safe, fun and creative environment fueled by a shared purpose and values within which others are inspired to achieve.

7. Use your business or career as a vehicle to solve a “big challenge.”

The bigger the problems are that you solve through your business or career the more sought after you will be. As an example through ‘Peak performance coaching’ I solve the big problem of people being unsuccessful, unfulfilled and unhappy within their businesses, careers and lives.

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