How To Help Your Students Choose a Career

by FutureLab | 19 Feb 2019

1. Provide job shadowing or internship opportunities

If a student is interested in pursuing engineering, he or she can shadow an engineer or intern in an engineering company to understand their day-to-day routine. This would help shed light on what they should expect from the profession. Furthermore, it helps them to be better prepared to build their careers from there.

Finding job placement or shadowing a challenge? Reengage with alumni who are willing to provide these opportunities for your students. Our FutureLab Portal has a feature that can help you manage recruitment between your students and alumni.

2. Help your students connect to people from the industry

Talking with someone from a particular industry also helps your student explore whether or not if it is something that they are interested in pursuing. Your students will gain a rough idea of how they could pursue the profession in terms of education.

Tough to find professionals who are willing to help or guide your students? Your alumni network could be your go-to to help your students. By using FutureLab's Portal, you are able to provide a platform for your students to connect with professionals from various industry.

3. Organize career days for your students

Apart from meeting people from different professions or industry, you can organise a dedicated day to let your students learn about multiple industries. This could be extremely helpful for them to decide what degree to pursue and where they want to go to university.

Find event management a tedious process? Our FutureLab Portal has a handy event management tool for your organise events frequently for your students to attend. This tool allows you to focus on making an impact on your students, while our Portal handles the administrative process for you.

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