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5 Reasons Why People Love Having A Digital Career

by Tarminder Singh | 10 February 2022

Digital careers have been the buzzword everywhere in the past few years. The pandemic has forced many to adapt to the new way of working, plunging us into the digital realm. The only difference between a career and a digital career is that it’s a broader context involving technology as a whole. It is a mixture of product knowledge, marketing, communications, and strategy to deploy a product digitally.

For aspiring digital leaders and fresh graduates who want to know more about digital careers, here are a few reasons why digital careers are accepted widely

1. Anyone Can Secure A Digital Career

The general assumption that most people have is that only tech-savvy people can land a digital job. However, this isn't true. There are non-IT digital roles for you to consider too, such as Digital Marketing, UX Design, Online Learning Instructor, Digital Project Manager, and more. Countless jobs are available that require soft skills and fundamental business acumen.

With that said, IT skills are not compulsory! Almost every industry uses digital knowledge to run its business, thus ensuring a role for almost every working professional.

2. Digital Career Introduces The Best Of Both Worlds

Most companies have already introduced a hybrid way of working where employees divide their days between working remotely and in the office workspace. This has become a norm because we can conduct tasks and activities online while going about our daily routine.

The clear benefit of such ways of working is you can take short breaks, spend time indulging in your passion and hobbies, and still work from wherever you are.

For those on the creative side, you can still complete your work without being at your office desk for long hours. You're still able to make videos, write blog posts, or develop a new product within the comfort you desire.

3. Be Your Own Boss

Having a digital career allows you to prioritize your work, and if you have limited time, you're free to outsource your task or get help online. This way, you get to decide how to spend your limited time.

Working for an employer with fixed hours does not allow you to indulge in your passion or play to your strengths. However, if you work for a digital company, you may work remotely instead of being confined to a physical desk. In short, a digital job freely allows you to set your preferred working location; in other words, you can be your own boss.

4. Multiple Sources Of Income

A digital career allows you to earn income from other sources as well. You are not dependent purely on employment income. Working in the digital industry opens up various job scopes for you to pursue other passions and generate additional revenue. Such side income could come from freelancing work or royalty received from writing a digital book.

Having said that, if you're facing a job loss situation, you're able to support yourself financially to compensate for the employment income loss.

5. Digital Careers Are The Path Of The Future

Digital careers are in the present and will undoubtedly be one of the main paths for everyone to take in the future. This has led to more people seeking out digital jobs or starting their own digital business.

Moreover, the beauty about digital careers is that there is always something to upgrade and beautify, and the rate of change that we need to keep up is always so quick. With this, graduates are also constantly picking up and learning new skills, contributing to future proof of their career.


In conclusion, a digital career is a definite future path. Digitalization is advancing rapidly and has been adopted by most companies and graduates.

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