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What is the FutureLab Customized Mentorship Programme?

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

By FutureLab | 06 Jan 2023


Futurelab helps you meet your mentorship training needs. With our Certified Training programme we engage your leaders to prepare them for the challenges of the workplace. Tagged along with the DISC personal assessment, we are able to identify the leadership style for every manager and upskill them to manage their team.

9 out of 10 times, managers have recognized themselves to become more effective leaders with a higher efficiency and success in managing their employees. With our proven FMF (FutureLab Mentorship Framework) we are able to enhance productive engagement in your workplace.

We know that one size doesn’t really fit all and hence we customize each and every training programme to fit your specific needs. Our Training workshop is designed to follow a few key cornerstones: Empathy, Active listening, Constructive feedback, Conflict management, and Goal Setting.

How does it work? Simple:

Understand and articulate their own leadership styles: Participants can learn about different leadership styles and how to identify their own strengths and areas for improvement. This can help them become more self-aware and effective leaders. FutureLab uses the coveted DISC Personality Assessment to help leaders understand their leadership styles.

Demonstrate active listening skills to build trust: Active listening involves paying attention to what others are saying, showing interest in their perspective, and responding in a way that demonstrates understanding. By practicing active listening, participants can build trust and improve communication with their colleagues.

Demonstrate constructive feedback practice: Constructive feedback is a way of providing feedback that focuses on specific behaviors and actions, rather than on personal characteristics. Participants can learn how to give and receive feedback in a way that is supportive and helps others improve.

Apply conflict management techniques to a group of people: Conflicts are a normal part of any group dynamic, and it's important to be able to manage them effectively. Participants can learn strategies for resolving conflicts in a way that is fair and helps maintain positive relationships.

Apply a mentoring conversation framework in the workplace: Mentoring can be a powerful tool for personal and professional development, and a mentoring conversation framework can help participants structure their conversations with mentees in a way that is effective and supportive. FutureLab uses it's proven FMF(FutureLab Mentorship Framework) which takes in the mentoring conversation aspect into the training which makes leaders create high value exchanges with their employees.

Putting people first creates the best business environment for higher profits and productivity. According to a Forbes article, “The leaders of people-centric companies understand that it’s people who make their company successful (Hougaard, 2019)”. Mentorship culture is the new framework for a productive business environment and FutureLab firmly believes that by introducing this into more companies, we can change the whole view.

Empower Leaders at your workplace through FutureLab Customized Mentorship Training Programme. Connect with us at FutureLab LinkedIn to get started today!


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FutureLab is an online mentorship platform that connects students, working professionals, jobseekers and entrepreneurs with expert industry mentors across the region to help them gain new skills and insights to enhance their employability and career growth. Sign up as a mentee or join us as mentors today!

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