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How To Be A Good Mentor

by FutureLab | 3 June 2021

Anyone can be called a a mentor or be assigned a mentee, but here's what it takes to actually be a good mentor, especially on FutureLab!


  • Keep an eye out on session requests via your email

  • Read the mentees’ learning objectives and profile

  • Jot down important notes that you want to share regarding the topic


  • Get to know your mentee – they might be nervous!

  • Share relevant experience & insights to the topic, but always go back to the mentee

  • Utilize the Task List feature


  • Submit a rating and share any additional feedback

  • You can check their progress – “My activity” page

  • Drop them a chat to check in


  1. Break the ice, and get the conversation flowing!

  2. Listen to your mentee as they share their goals and issues

  3. Ask questions that help generate deeper insight for your mentee

  4. Mentees want to know they're not along in their journey, share your own experiences!

  5. Together with your mentee, set actionable next steps that they can carry through with

and before you go,

here are 3 GOLDEN RULES

  1. Respect: Be on time & use appropriate language

  2. Confidentiality: Keep personal information safe

  3. Accountability: If you can’t make it to a session, request to reschedule & drop them a chat

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