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Join our virtual mentorship community where students, graduates, working professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs can connect with over 2,000 mentors that can help you accelerate your professional development.

​​Gain access to industry insights on the job market, application processes, skill gap analysis, startup funding and inspiring stories from mentors to motivate you to reach for your goals.

To date, FutureLab has connected over 15,000 mentees to mentors in 34 different countries. Be a part of our global ecosystem today!

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Looking for answers on your next career step? Maybe you don’t even know where to begin! Let us help you with that.

​​Browse through our community of mentors that you can connect with to help you achieve your goals. Unsure of which mentor will suit you? Reach out to the FutureLab team and we’ll match you with a suitable mentor in no time.

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Diversity Consultant

FutureLab offers a very personalised experience. Unlike traditional job-portal models, it enables you to have one-on-one conversation with industry experts.


Mentors at FutureLab really inspired me through sharing their day-to-day duties, they gave me advice on how I should go about preparing for the job I wanted during my final year.


FutureLab has connected me with mentors, career advice, and job opportunities which are aligned with my dream. If you have a dream that you are passionate about but you don't know where to start or how to get there, FutureLab is the platform for you to get started.


Consulting Analyst, Accenture



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Use your valuable professional experience and leadership skills for good by becoming a mentor!

FutureLab is constantly on the lookout for mentors that can offer impactful insights and guide mentees to realise their professional goals. Join us as a mentor today for your chance to make a positive difference in someone’s life using your expertise.

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Jeremy Chang

Management Consultant


I feel it creates a very safe space for myself as a mentor and for the mentees to talk. It's easy and hassle-free to use - very effective!

Syed Danial

FutureLab is a user friendly platform to communicate. What's most impressive is it felt like my feedbacks was heard when I saw improvements in the session system. I feel it's a good platform for mentors & mentees both to pool together. A good meeting place for those who want to help & those who need help. Smart matching helps connect mentors to mentees.


My mentoring aim has always been to create strong and confident individuals, able to adapt and grow positively in all aspects and stages of their career! I aim in nurturing leadership skills with a big focus on WE and not ME and FutureLab has helped me to do so.

Managing Director

Perabot Matang Sdn Bhd

Energy Optimisation Consultant

GCU Consultants

That's not all.

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