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FutureLab partnered with MaGIC to hold Virtual Global Accelerator Programme (GAP) Cohort 5


The Global Accelerator Programme (GAP) is an online programme to accelerate local & international startups from all over the world, with an interest to expand their business in the ASEAN region, to be investment-ready in 3 months.

The online programme prepares attendees with the knowledge and relationships to expand in the ASEAN region. Startups will learn from inspiring mentors with weekly themes and gain access to regional investors and route-to-market partners.


Mentorship was never made compulsory for the startups before due to the difficulty of tracking the number of mentoring sessions conducted.

Since using FutureLab's mentoring software, mentorship in MaGIC has become one of the important and compulsory elements for startups to fill. Based on the data from Cohort 04 and Cohort 05, the startups have carried out more than 500 sessions on FutureLab's mentoring software.


" We no longer had to allocate manpower to focus on the trivial tasks aforementioned:

  • The booking and scheduling process becomes more seamless and the added feature to reschedule is definitely a bonus

  • Mentors and startups could automatically add their upcoming sessions on Calendar and set a reminder - this reduced the amount of times when they actually forgot about their session.

  • The Accelerator team is now able to track mentorship hours as part of our yearly KPI, useful portal analytics that we were able to include in our yearly reports.

  • Complete and comprehensive list of mentors and startups on the portal itself."

― Executive Accelerators, Technology & Innovation @ MaGIC



Startups Accelerated


Entrepreneurs Impacted

We are the go-to platform for entrepreneurs and would-be mentors to gain insights and knowledge from different industry leaders and the networking community.

We focus on reducing unemployment and working towards preparing people for jobs of the future and developing innovative companies that can hire people.

FutureLab has partnered with clients to help bridge the gap and lack of information in transitioning from studying to joining the workforce.

500 +

Sessions carried out

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