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Why Women Benefit From Mentors In The Workplace

Based on a study carried out by the United Nations, women hold less than one-third of leadership roles worldwide. Despite making up 55.6% of the workforce, Women hold only 26% of middle and senior management positions across the ASEAN region. In addition, the gender pay gap is still growing, with women earning 22% less than males on average. Still, women aspire to progress in their careers. Developing a rapport with mentors at work is an effective strategy to accelerate professional advancement.

Female mentors offer mentees professional advice and assistance. Mentoring not only helps the mentee but also the mentor and the company. Being a mentor enhances one's qualities and fosters a sense of purpose while developing leadership abilities. Mentoring programs help firms create high-potential leaders and cultivate a diverse, inclusive, and collaborative work environment.

Having mentors in the workplace can also benefit your career, whether you're an entry-level or senior-level professional. Here are some reasons why.

Mentors hold you accountable

Making a professional goal and seeing it through to completion can be challenging when you're having trouble at work. A mentor holds you accountable and assists you in creating quantifiable, attainable goals. They also help you keep focused and on track by helping you break down large goals into smaller action items. Mentorship includes regular check-ins to evaluate your goals and identify areas for growth. You'll then discover that your productivity and job happiness organically increase when you reach your goals.

Mentors inspire and motivate

A mentor inspires you to conquer challenges. They serve as sounding boards and sources of support. A mentor offers a secure environment for you to talk about problems and potential answers if you struggle with any elements of your work or profession. The mentor uses their experience to point the mentee in the proper direction while the mentee accepts responsibility for themselves.

Mentors identify areas for improvement

One of the main advantages of career mentoring is getting helpful criticism. Active listeners, and mentors can help you identify your areas of strength and weakness. This helps those who are unaware of their special talents and opportunities for growth. You can strategize about additional development ideas, such as addressing impostor syndrome or establishing appropriate boundaries at work, with the assistance of your mentor. It is more likely that you will realize your full potential if you cultivate a healthy sense of self-awareness.

Mentorship fosters confidence, resilience, and a sense of belonging, essential ingredients for success in today's competitive world. Working one-on-one with a trusted advisor can be a transformational experience. Yet, according to a DDI study, 63% of women have never had a formal mentor. Women have the power to shape the future of work, leadership, and innovation. Let us harness that power and embark on a journey of mentorship that not only transforms lives but also builds a more equitable and inclusive world for all.

Don’t wait to reach out to someone you admire and respect. Chances are, that person had mentors throughout their career and now would be more than happy to return the help!

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