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5 things to do before speaking to a mentor

by Neo Jo Anne | 3 June 2021

You know you need a mentor? Good. You've found a mentor you think could help you? Even better.

Now here's a checklist you need to keep in mind before you approach and start speaking to your mentor!

1. What are your goals and objectives

It is good to know what you want and to list down your goals and objectives when you speak to your mentor. This will provide your mentor with a clearer vision of how they can help you achieve your goals and help you understand what next steps you should be taking.

2. Have realistic expectations

Mentorship is a learning journey.

One session alone is not typically enough to solve all your problems, you need to commit, be prepared and be present in this mentorship relationship. Be ready to take in feedback and follow up with any action steps provided by your mentor!

3. Take responsibility for the relationship

Be sure to check in with your mentor and let them know you had a good session once it's over!

Mentors would love to know their time and effort had impact so be sure to let them know how you've been doing if some time has passed after your session.

4. Respect your mentor’s time

Come 5 minutes earlier and have all materials prepped. Mentors are humans with their own schedules and responsibilities so it is crucial you be considerate of their time. On the off chance that you can’t make due to an emergency or sudden change of plans, do be sure to inform your mentor ahead of time,

5. Accept & offer feedback

Adopt a growth mindset.

Feedback helps with uncovering blind spots, so learn to accept them and strive to improve. If a mentor asks for feedback tell them what you thought of the experience!

It's always good to practice giving feedback because mentorship is a two way learning journey.

Got this all in mind? Book a session with a mentor today and have a fruitful session!


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