To help the community upskill & reskill themselves one meaningful conversation at a time
Who is FutureLab?​

FutureLab is an online mentorship platform that connects students, working professionals, jobseekers and entrepreneurs with expert industry mentors across the region.

Empowering the community through mentorship.

Our free mentoring programs are funded by the commercial aspect of our business, which includes curated learning experiences and the offering of end-to-end solutions via our online mentoring software to businesses and organizations.

What We Do

We conduct mentoring programs for different communities across Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia to help upskill and reskill mentees in the areas of Career Preparation & Development, Youth Employability, Women Empowerment, Entrepreneurship Skills, Educational Opportunities, Mental Health and more.

Our Dream

We want to build a community where people are motivated to share and learn from each other, which is why we also encourage mentors to book other mentors' time.


When you practice continuous learning, you will inevitably be teaching yourself to stay ahead and stay on top!

We believe that experience equals knowledge and everyone’s experience is worth sharing.


FutureLab aims to creates a safe environment for people to come together to attain career insights and information that could help shape their future!