Speak To  A Mentor For Free!

We are a social enterprise and we believe in the power of mentorship. So we are giving away 3 free mentoring sessions for anyone that needs it! 

How it works

1 credit is equivalent to 1 mentoring session.

​​Receive 1 free credit from us when you:

  • Complete your profile up to 70% (one-off)

  • Complete the mentoring feedback after each session (receive 1 free credit per month for this)

How Do Credits Work?
  • Your first 3 mentoring credits are on us! 

  • For every session after it is RM5 per credit - This is how we fund our free group mentoring sessions & workshops! 

  • Each credit is only valid for 1 month, so schedule a session quick after you top up!

Our Community Goals!

By making mentoring more accessible to all, we are:

Helping the community to constantly upskill

and reskill

Building an ecosystem that champions continuous learning

Creating opportunities for those in need of professional development