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How it works

1 credit is equivalent to 1 mentoring session.

​​Receive 1 free credit from us when you:

  • Complete your profile up to 70% (one-off)

  • Complete the mentoring feedback after each session (receive 1 free credit per month for this)

How free credits work

1 credit is equivalent to 1 mentoring session. Receive your first free credit by:

  • Signing up and completing your profile

You are eligible for 1 free credit every month when you:

  • Complete at least one mentoring session per month

*The monthly free credit will only be rewarded if you complete your mentoring sessions. If you miss any sessions, you will be blacklisted from making new bookings to make way for other mentees that truly need the opportunity.

Why is it free?

By making mentoring more accessible to all, we are:

Helping the community to constantly upskill

and reskill

Building an ecosystem that champions continuous learning

Creating opportunities for those in need of professional development

Need extra help?

Would you like a personalized mentorship journey?

Each credit plan comes with a Curated Learning Journey, where we provide:

  • Consultation to help you set your mentoring goals

  • Customised mentor matchings


The Starter


*valid for 3 months

If you are a student looking for a job and are on a budget, this plan is for you. Book more sessions with a mentor to plan your dream career.



The Pro


*valid for 6 months

The plan for working professionals looking to accelerate their career. Book more sessions to reach your professional goals.



The Boss


*valid for 12 months

For entrepreneurs building a business, access more sessions with mentors that can become your sounding board.


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