Portal Admin User Guide 2021

1. Setting up your Overview Page

Setting up your Overview Page helps to outline the programme structure and expectations upon mentors and mentees. This ensures they know what they need to do which increases portal activity.

  • Once you have logged into your program portal using the Admin account provided by the FutureLab team, you will see this Overview page:

Figure 1 : Overview

  • Here is where you will be able to show mentors and mentees the Program Description, as well as the programme’s Agenda.

  • To set up the page, click the Admin toolbar button on the top right of your screen and under the Portal section, click “Programme Overview”.

Figure 2 : Admin Tools

Figure 3 : Programme Overview Settings

  • Once here, you will be able to add a new agenda by click the “ADD NEW” button. Once you fill in all the required details and call to action, click “Save” and a preview of the agenda will appear. Click “Publish” if you are satisfied with it and the agenda will now appear on your Overview Page for all mentors and mentees to see

Figure 4 : Add or Edit Agenda

  • To update the Portal Description, click the Admin toolbar again and under the Portal section, click “Portal settings”.

Figure 5 : Portal Settings

  • Once here, you will be able to update all the details about your portal. Click “Portal Description” to update the description that will be shown to mentors and mentees on your Overview Page.

Figure 6 : Set Portal Details

2. Adding Mentors, Mentees and other Admins to the portal
  • To add users to your portal, select the Invite button on the top right of your screen:

Figure 7 : Invite Users

  • Select what type of user you would like to invite to the platform: Mentor, Mentee or Admin.

Figure 8 : Type of user to invite

  • From here, you can invite the user using 2 ways: either by inputting their email address, or by copying the invitation link and sending it to them independently.

Figure 9 :  Invite via Email or Send invitation link

  • Alternatively, the FutureLab team can help you upload a list of different users to the portal - request from us a CSV template and fill it in with the required information. We will assist you accordingly.

3. How to match mentees with mentors & create groups
  • To match mentees with mentors, click on the Admin toolbar button on the top right of your screen and under the Users section, click “Groups & Pairings Management”.

Figure 10 :Group & Pairing Management

    You are able to create a group of 1 mentor with multiple mentees on this tab. Click “Create new group”, select your mentor and mentees and click “Send invite”.

Figure 11 : Create New Group

    On the same page, you can select “Pairings” tab to pair 1 mentor to 1 mentee. Click “Create new pairing”, select your mentee and mentee and click “Send invite”.

Figure 12 : Create Pairing

4. Portal Analytics Page - viewing the analytics and progress of your portal
  • To view your Analytics Page, hover over the “Overview” tab and select “Analytics” under the dropdown menu. Alternatively, you can also click the Admin toolbar button and under the Analytics section, click “Portal Analytics”.

Figure 13 : Portal Analytics

Figure 14 : Portal Analytics From Admin Tools

  • Once on the Analytics Page, you will be able to see an overview of your whole program and its performance, along with all the activities that users have carried out throughout the program so far.

Figure 15 : Portal Analytics Overview

5. Mentoring Report and how to customize it
  • After each mentoring session, both mentors and mentees are required to submit a mentoring report. This is important for all parties to keep track of their progress during the course of the program. It will also provide valuable insights for the Admins and Program Owners on how the sessions have been going.

  • To view the reports, click the Admin toolbar button and under the section Bookings & Ratings, select “Mentorship Ratings”.

Figure 16 : Mentorship Ratings

  • From here, you are able to view all the sessions that have been carried out, along with which pairings have submitted their reports. Those that have submitted their reports, their Status would be green and the text “Booking completed” will be displayed.

Figure 17 :  Booking Status Table

  • To view the contents of their report, click “Ratings” and you’ll be able to view both the mentor and mentee’s reports submissions.

  • To customize the report questions, click “Customize ratings” and you will be able to edit, add or delete new questions.

Figure 18 :  Customize Ratings

Figure 19 :  Add, Edit/Delete Questions

6. Creating & Managing Events
  • To create an event on the portal, select the “Events” tab at the top of the page.

Figure 20 : Event

  • Click “Create new event” button on the top right and proceed to fill in all the details required regarding your event.

Figure 21 : Create New Event

  • Once all the details are ready and you would like to go live, click “Publish”.

  • To manage your events, hover over the “Events” tab again and click “Event Management” from the dropdown.

Figure 22 : Event Management

  • On this page, you will be able to view all the details of your events. You can view the attendee details by clicking on “Manage tickets” or edit the event details by clicking on “Edit event”.

Figure 23 : Event Details

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