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Be the Change: Help Us Make Mentorship Accessible to Everyone

Become a partner of FutureLab and join our digital community, where we work together to connect the education and workforce sectors and close the gap in knowledge

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How You Can Join Our Community
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Job Portals

Universities & Communities

Campus Ambassador

Join MentorClass and empower your community with knowledge from 3,000 industry mentors to achieve their full potential.

Join FutureLab as a Campus Ambassador to learn effective collaboration with mentors and organize impactful mentorship events. Expand your network, access soft skills training, and earn a side gig.

Join FutureLab as a Job Portal to elevate job seekers’ career development. We equip individuals with the latest industry trends and essential skills and enhance their chances of securing desired employment. 

Our Partners

What Do Our Partners Say?


Dr Rodney Lim

Senior Lecturer

Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus, Malaysia

FutureLab offers career guidance, resume and CV preparation, and trial interviews to our final year students with industry mentors. They are responsive, a pleasure to work with, and our proud industry partner. We look forward to continued collaboration.

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Ridhayati Farid

Head of Batam University Alumni & Career Center

Batam International University, Indonesia

Collaborating with FutureLab has diversified and made our career development community activities more relevant to students' needs. Their mentors provide valuable knowledge and experience suited for young millennials. This partnership aims to continue benefiting students' self-development and growth

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Positively Impact Communities Through Mentorship Programmes

Our mission is to make mentorship accessible to all, especially those in need. Our signature mentorship programs drive sustainable social change in targeted communities - a perfect fit for you


Career Discovery Mentorship Programme (CDMP)

Help secondary school students discover exciting digital careers via in-school engagements wiith mentors from diverse industries such as Animation, Tech Entrepreneurship, E-Commerce and more. After completing the 2-part programme, students can join FutureLab's online mentorship community for academic and career guidance via online classes and group sessions with mentors.

Online Education

Youth Employability Programme (YEP)

With YEP, youth such as university students & fresh graduates can close the employability gap through expert mentorship. Our mentors provide guidance on resume reviews, personal branding, job interviews, and industry insights to enhance skills and knowledge, ultimately making participants more employable.

Smiling Students Sitting Together

Startup Mentorship Circles (SMC)

SMC's mentorship program enhances entrepreneurial skills, covering Idea Validation, Business Model Canvas, Pitching, and more. It fosters peer learning and expands horizons for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, paving the way for success.

What Did Our Community Say?


Sarvena & Madhura

Working Professional Mentees

We matched with mentor John Hii as fresh graduates, he created a safe space for us to reflect and progress in our careers. Starting your mentorship journey can offer new perspectives and help you become a better version of yourself, no matter the stage of your career.

nur elyana aqilah - group D.jpg

Nur Elyana Aqilah  

High School Student Mentee

The GenZ Entrepreneurship Challenge program was super fun! I learned how to improve my self-confidence. All mentors were approachable , made it comfortable for mentees to ask questions, thank you FutureLab team!

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Syahidatul Faizzah

Working Professional Mentee

My Mentor Jay helped me leave an unfulfilling job in auditing and taxation. With Jay's guidance, I overcame mental health issues and landed a job at Deloitte. I am grateful for FutureLab's mentorship and Jay's support.

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Mentor Training

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Mentor Training

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We recognize that the current generation of talent has a unique set of culture and values. As a result, it is crucial that workplace leaders adapt to these differences or risk losing top talent.
FutureLab focuses on assisting managers in adopting a more human-centered approach to leading their team through mentorship.

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