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Our Dream

We believe that experience equals knowledge and everyone’s experience is worth sharing.


FutureLab aims to creates a safe environment for people to come together to attain career insights and information that could help shape their future!

We want to build a community where people are motivated to share and learn from each other, which is why we also encourage mentors to book other mentors' time.


When you practice continuous learning, you will inevitably be teaching yourself to stay ahead and stay on top!


We hope our community feels empowered to approach others to get the answers they need to make informed decisions about their career.


We want to take away the overwhelming feeling of helplessness, loneliness and worthlessness that many associate with pursuing their career goals. 

Our Values

Create your own reality

FutureLab helps you take control of your future through mentorship

Having a growth mindset

Mentorships teaches you to be resilient and even thrive in the face of adversity


Adding value to society

By making mentorship accessible to all, we provide opportunities for both mentors and mentees

Meet The Team
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