Need a curated
mentoring experience?

While all mentees are eligible for 1 free mentoring session every month, FutureLab also offers tailored mentoring journeys through our credit plans.

Each credit plan comes with a Curated Learning Experience, where we provide:

Consultation to help you set your mentoring goals

Customised mentor matchings

Our credit plans


For entrepreneurs building a business, access more sessions with mentors that can become your sounding board.


*valid for 12 months

The Boss

The plan for working professionals looking to accelerate their career.


Book more sessions to reach your professional goals.

The Pro



*valid for 6 months


If you are a student looking for a job and are on a budget, this plan is for you.


Book more sessions with a mentor to plan your dream career.


*valid for 3 months

The Starter

Get connected.

Gain insights.

FutureLab connects you to a diverse range of industry experts where you can ask questions to help you improve yourself and reach your career goals. 

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