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Transforming Organizations Through Mentorship

Manage, track and scale your mentorship programmes through our platform

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Hi Miss Sam, can you share the documents with me?

Sam Ong


FutureLab's software allows us to track everyone's feedbacks

Nur Aliah

Programme Owner

Hey Theeban, sure give me a second :)

Sam Ong

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Organizations Powered By FutureLab

Operational improvements FutureLab clients experience

80% increase in
employee engagement

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90% increase in
retention rate

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86% of mentees are
highly engaged


FutureLab's mentoring programmes through our software

The fastest growing mentoring platform, offering learning and development through mentorship to take companies and institutions to the next level.

Upskill and reskill your organization through mentorship to create a resilient and high performing work culture

FutureLab for Corporates


FutureLab for Institutions


FutureLab for Startups

What our clients say about us

Hamzah, TEGAS

The beauty of FutureLab is that the mentees can relate to mentors from similar industries. Mentees can provide the mentors with some expectations of what the whole session should be about. Due to that, we see the growth in our mentees that have joined our mentorship programmes to become successful now.

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Saffa, MAGIC (Mranti)

Before using FutureLab, there were many things that we had to do manually for the mentorship element of the programme. Since we started using FutureLab, mentorship has become one of the important and compulsory elements for startups to fulfill. Based on the data from Cohort 04 and Cohort 05, the startups have carried out more than 500 sessions on FutureLab.

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Rose, Sunway University

Connecting alumnus with students have been done virtually, and we find that to be something valuable that came about during the pandemic. As our numbers grow, we want a platform to ease the interaction and tracking behind the scenes - and FutureLab did that for us.

Empowering all organizations through our digital software

Our one-stop mentorship portal enables your organization to easily create, manage and track mentoring programmes

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Centralized and automated mentoring portal

Easy managing

Communicate and manage mentorship relationships using one centralized platform

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Internal scheduling

From scheduling video calls, chatting to convenient reminders - mentorship has never been this easy!

Programme tracking and analytics

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Measure and track impact

Track the success of your programme using our comprehensive analytics tool and download valuable data from your programme for impact reporting

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Enhance mentorship experience

Apply your insights to improve employee engagement, retention experience, and more!

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Branding and integration

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White labeling

White label the mentorship portal and system emails with your organization's branding

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Platform integration

Integration with your existing platform is possible too!

What makes FutureLab different?


Quick solution

Our self-service platform is easy to navigate and set up


End-to-end support

We provide service from learning design to programme implementation


A trusted partner

FutureLab has received 8.5 NPS score on average for 6 years in a row

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FutureLab is a social enterprise that connects youth to industry mentors across S.E. Asia to help them pursue their dream career

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