Signing up as a mentee
Step 1: 
 Receive invitation email or click on signup link given by your programme admin

Image 1.0 - Invitation Email View

Invitation by Email
Click on the “Join Now” button as viewable in the email as shown in Image 1.0

Invitation by Link
Click on the link to enter the signup page (See Image 1.1 below)

Note: Contact your programme owner if you did not receive any form of invitation

Step 2: 
Fill in your account details as requested in the Programme Signup Page

Image 2.0 - Signup Page

Sign Up

Click on the “Sign Up” button once your details have been filled up as shown in Image 2.0

Step 3: 
Program Overview Page

This Program Overview page is the first page you will see once you log in.

Image 3.0

Step 4: 
Hover over the “Mentorship” tab and click “Dashboard” from the dropdown list

Image 4.0

Step 5: 
 Setup your account profile 

Image 5.0 - User Dashboard

Update Profile

Click on “Update Profile” as outlined in red in Image 5.0 to update your user profile

Image 5.1 - User Profile Edit

Update Profile (Cont.)

Fillup your details as outlined in Image 5.1. The more details filled up, the higher the Profile Completion Percentage will show until 100% in Image 5.0.

Mentorship Process
As the mentee, you will start the mentorship journey by finding a mentor and booking his/her time
Step 6: 
Wait to be Paired with Your Mentor

An email will be sent to your registered email from FutureLab.

The email will notify once you have been paired with your mentor.

Image 6.0 - Email for pairing with mentor

Step 7: 
Viewing a Mentor and Scheduling a Session

Click on a mentor’s name as shown in Image 7.0 to view the mentor’s profile

Image 7.0 - Mentor List 

Scheduling a Session

Click on the Schedule a Session button whether in Image 7.0 or in the Mentor’s Profile to create a meetup session request.

Scheduling a Session (cont'd)

Image 7.1 - Create a New Booking

Filling the Booking Details

Fill up the compulsory booking details as shown in Image 7.1. Once completed, click on the “Book” button to submit the session request to the mentor.

Image 7.2 - Your Appointments List

Pending Mentor Acceptance

Now you just need to wait for the mentor to accept your request so that you can carry out the session. Check back to your appointment list by clicking on appointments as shown in Image 7.2 under the mentorship tab.

Step 8: 
 Carrying out the mentorship session via videocall

This is assuming your mentor has already accepted your booking request. If your session is not videocall, skip to Step 9.

Image 8.0 - Join Session Room

Click on “Join Session Room” as shown in Image 8.0 to proceed to the Portal Videocall.

Image 8.1 - Videocall Waiting Room

Click on “I’m ready to chat” as shown in Image 8.1 in order to start the video call. Once the mentor has done the same, the video call will commence.

Step 9: 
Completing and Rating the Session

Once the session has been carried out. It is time to complete the session and rate your mentor.

Image 9.0 - Viewing Session Details

Enter the “Appointments” page as previously shown in Image 7.2 and then click on the “⋮” in order to bring up the session details as shown in Image 9.0.

Image 9.1 - Clicking Complete Booking

Complete Booking

Click on Complete Booking to indicate the session as completed. You will be prompted to rate the session as shown in Image 9.2

Image 9.2 - Submit Rating

Submitting Rating

Fill up the rating criteria as shown in Image 9.2 and then click Submit Rating to complete the Rating Submission. This step completes the mentorship session process and the session rating can be viewed under the “Appointments” page.

Special Case - Log Offline Sessions 

Click on “Log Offline Session” as shown on the top right of the image 9.3 below

 Image 9.3

A pop-up box will appear as shown in image 9.4

Fill in all the necessary details regarding the session.
Click on “Proceed to Feedback”.

  Image 9.4     

Rate the sessions on several criteria as shown in the image 9.5 below.

Click on “Submit”.

Image 9.5

Change Password

Click on “Log offline session” the top left corner of the screen as shown in image 9.6

   Image 9.6

A page will appear for profile and account setting like in image 9.7 below.
Click on “Security”
Type in your new password and fill up the necessary boxes.
Click on “Update password”.

   Image 9.7


The mentorship process starts from creating a session and then ends completely once the session is rated. At this point, you can proceed to create another session to have with your mentor in the near future. We hope this guide has been helpful in utilising the platform.

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