Trackable mentorship programs for schools, 

universities and educational bodies

Whether it’s your first time or you’re looking for a more systematic way of organizing mentorship programs, FutureLab has got you covered.

How it works for your organization

With FutureLab, creating impactful mentoring programs is just a few steps away







​We setup a private white-labeled portal, import data from your HR/CRM systems to create mentor & mentee profiles.

​Users share their learning goals & challenges, which our AI uses to intelligently match users with relevant mentors. 

​Once matched, users are able to connect 1:1 or in small groups via live chat, video conferencing, or in person.



​Mentoring sessions are tracked with report insights that can be used to track talent development and skill gaps in your organization.

But why mentoring for 
 Why mentoring for students?

Students are empowered to make their own decisions

Increased social and academic confidence and performance

Increased employment rate for young jobseekers and fresh graduates

Gain access to over 

2,000+ industry mentors

We also have an international community of mentors that can be invited to be a part of your mentoring program that can offer fresh perspectives and ideas.

 Request a 1-month Free Trial now to see how FutureLab can work for you.

Get connected.

Gain insights.

FutureLab connects you to a diverse range of industry experts where you can ask questions to help you improve yourself and reach your career goals. 

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