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FutureLab is a Social Enterprise that focuses powering learning and development through mentorship. Our Enterprise solutions centred United Nation Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) framework.

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Design, launch, measure and scale your mentorship programmes with 80% less effort.

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Hi Miss Sam, can you share the documents with me?

Sam Ong


FutureLab's software allows us to track everyone's feedbacks

Nur Aliah

Programme Owner

Hey Theeban, sure give me a second :)

Sam Ong

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Trusted by leading organizations in Southeast Asia

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Who FutureLab can help

ESG Initiatives

FutureLab provides implementation services to corporate MNG, SME, Yayasan and NGOs in social impact projects.

We help channel social aid to students, microentrepreneurs and refugees. Through mentorship, we connect industry experts to groups that could benefit from the added knowledge and skills development.

This way, we can create a sustainable community development in the ESG framework's social pillar.

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Corporate and L&D

We understand that the new generation of talent has a very different culture and values. Hence, it is increasingly important that workplace leadership adapt or risk losing quality talent.

FutureLab focuses on helping your manager to adopt a more human-centred approach in leading the team as their mentor.

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Learning Institutions

One of the most prominent challenges learning institutions face is needing more staff to assist students with their employability needs fully. This lack of support can cause a significant disadvantage to the students.

FutureLab can connect your students to industry mentors through CV reviews, mock interviews and career discovery conversations.

Supported by FutureLab platform

Mentor and mentee matching system

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Oversee more people than you can imagine, effortlessly

Having trouble managing a large group of people due to limited resources? Fret not!

We help by providing a platform to manage and facilitate virtual mentorship sessions at large scales with minimal administrative effort required.

Mentorship reporting and analytics

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Get insightful reports in just 60 seconds

Monitor and track mentorship pairs' progress by generating reports and analytics.

Instead of collecting feedback manually, you can generate mentorship metrics instantly to evaluate learning impact, saving time in post-mortem reporting.

Centralized learning platform

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Say goodbye to traditional mentoring programmes

Once onboarded, mentors and mentees can chat, schedule mentorship sessions, and access educational resources.

Easily host your webinars and virtual events as well - all on the same platform.

What our clients say about us

Hamzah, TEGAS

Mentees can provide the mentors with some expectations of what the whole session should be about. We see growth in our mentees that have joined our mentorship programmes to become successful now.

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Saffa, MAGIC (Mranti)

Since we started using FutureLab, mentorship has become one of the important and compulsory elements for startups to fulfill. Based on the data from Cohort 04 and Cohort 05, the startups have carried out more than 500 sessions on FutureLab.

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Rose, Sunway University

Connecting alumnus with students have been done virtually, and we find that to be something valuable that came about during the pandemic.

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FutureLab is a social enterprise that connects youth to industry mentors across S.E. Asia to help them pursue their dream career

Getting started

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For any inquiries contact us at:

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