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FutureLab partnered with Sunway University to improve and upscale their Mentoring Programme


Read about what Rose Devaraj, Head of Career Services from Sunway University has to say about why FutureLab is the right choice to improve their mentoring programmes.

How Has FutureLab Platform Helped To Improve Your Programme?

"Having a huge growing numbers throughout the years will naturally lead us to having a better platform to ease the interaction and tracking system that happens behind the scenes. And knowing that FutureLab had partnership with MDEC and other organizations, it felt like something we would want to try."

"We want to make it easily accessible for both mentor and mentee, and that makes it easier for students to join our mentorship programme in the future. It feels like everybody wants to be a part of this and that's very nice to see."

What Measurable Benefits/Improvements Have You Seen In Your Community Of Mentees Since Utilizing Mentorship?

"We see people contributing more time and wanting to give back to the community. Connecting with international alumni and supporters virtually is something we found valuable that came about during the pandemic.

We’ve also received feedback from mentors, and to them, having a mentee helps bridge generation gaps like hearing some new ideas and they can implement it in their company/organization."


We are the go-to platform for universities and learning institutions to power structured mentoring programs.

FutureLab can help implement Industry Mentoring programs by connecting graduating students to industry mentors to increase their employability

We're a strong believer that mentorship can be the stepping stone for every new graduate entering the workforce to forge a suitable career path for themselves.

Want To Conduct A Mentoring Session?
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