Mentee Onboarding Guide

How to use FutureLab as a mentee.

Getting Started

Step 1: If this is your first time signing up, you can login in via

Image 1 - Mentees sign up page link

Alternatively, if you have an account but you’ve never logged in you can Select Sign Up as highlighted in the image .

Image 2 - main page 

Step 2: Fill in your details and click Sign Up as shown in image 1

Step 3: Next, answer a series of questions that will help us better assist you on your mentorship 


Image 3 - Fill in your personal details and the following survey

Step 4: Once you’ve successfully signed in, click on the highlighted area to display a drop down list. Then select Edit Profile.

Image 4 - Dropdown Menu & Edit Profile Tab 

Step 5: Complete your profile to receive a free credit. The Profile Completion Percentage Tracker shown below will show you how much you have left to complete.

Image 5 - Profile Completion Percentage Tracker

Begin Your Mentorship Journey

With your profile completed, now you can schedule a session with your mentor!

STEP 6:  Browse through suggested mentors based on your profile on the Discover tab or find a specific mentor based on skills, industry or topic by using our Search Filter

Image 6 - User dashboard mentor suggestions & search filter

Step 7: Once you’ve found a mentor you want to connect with, select View Profile as shown below to view the mentor’s profile.

Image 7 - View Mentor Profile button

Step 8: Select Connect to schedule a session with a mentor and a pop up will appear stating all the rules you should follow to have an effective mentoring session.

Image 8 - Layout of Mentor profile

Image 9 - Rules to follow pop-up

Step 9:  Taking that into account, you can then proceed to fill in the details as shown below before selecting Book. A confirmation email will be sent to the mentor who is required to respond within 10 days

Image 10 - Fill in the required fields and select Book to confirm your session

Step 10: While waiting for your mentor to accept your confirmation, you can refer to your appointment details here as shown below. Click on Session Details to further view the status and details of your appointment or take further action like rescheduling, dropping your mentor a message or taking notes.

Image 11 - Session Details

Image 12 - Add message, notes or reschedule your appointment

Note: Rescheduling
Should you need to move your appointment to another time, click on Reschedule. On this page, select a new time and date and select the reason for your change in appointment, then select Reschedule.

Image 13 - Select a new time and date and state your reason before rescheduling.

Please respect mentor timings and only reschedule if absolutely necessary and properly communicate the reason for the change in timing.

Step 11: When a mentor accepts your booking/rescheduling request, you will receive a notification on your dashboard.

Image 14 - Mentor accepted booking

Step 12: During the scheduled appointment, head to the Mentorship tab and you will see your scheduled sessions. Then, select Join Session Room to enter the video call and when you’re ready, click into I’m ready to chat as shown in image 15. We advise you to toggle your camera on for a more interactive session with your mentor!

Image 15 - Join Session Room button

Image 16 - “I’m ready to chat” & “toggle video” buttons

Step 13: Upon completing the session, the video call will end.

Image 17 - Video Call End Screen

Step 14: After the session, head to the Mentorship tab and go into the Completed sessions section. Select Rate Now to rate and recount your experience with your mentor before submitting your report

Image 18 - Rate Now button

Image 19 - Post session mentor rating pop up

Image  20 - View reviews given by mentor or your own

You can view both your ratings and your mentors ratings by heading to the Rated section. 



It is important that you commit by showing up on time to your scheduled mentorship timings, failing to do so 3 times consecutively would result in you being blacklisted from the platform.

Run out of Credits?

If you need to speak to more mentors and you’ve run out of free credits, simply select the highlighted area in the image below or click here to top up.

Image 21 - Select the top up option under the dropdown menu

Navigating FutureLab

1. Discover/ Main Dashboard

Browse and connect with mentors here, or seek out specific mentors using the Search Filter available. You can also check for updates and messages here as well as access your profile settings.

2. Profile Settings

a. My Profile

Your personal details such as your name, country, language, about you, experiences and education will be displayed here for other users to view when they click into your profile.

b. Edit Profile 

  • Profile and Account

    • Here you can change your profile photo, edit your personal details and other information that is displayed on your profile.

  • Mentorship

    • Edit your skills & industries and interests that you want to share with others here.

  • Security

    • You can opt to change your password and deactivate or delete your account should you need to here.

c. My Account 

  • View your Subscriptions and Transaction History here

3. Questions

As a way to encourage interaction between mentors and mentees, you are encouraged to leave questions related to mentorship or if you have an opinion you’d like to share, drop it here!

4. Mentorship

Manage your appointments with this tab. Here you can get an overview and a breakdown of sessions that you’ve completed, rated, cancelled or missed.

5. Events

Keep track of upcoming and past events held on FutureLab’s platform that you can be a part of here!


The mentorship process starts from creating a session and then ends completely once the session is rated. At this point, you can proceed to create another session to have with your mentor in the near future. We hope this guide has been helpful in utilising the platform.

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