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Discover Potential Careers Through Mentorship

Connect with mentors online to gain career guidance and industry insights

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Proudly awarded BrandLaureate Brand of the Year 2022:  Online Mentoring and Education

Over 3000 mentors from top companies


Who are we?

FutureLab is a Social Enterprise that connects graduates and young professionals to industry mentors to be prepared for the future of work

How our mentors can help you

1-on-1 mentorship

1-on-1 mentorship sessions

Connect with a mentor to ask questions about your career

Learn tech skills

Gain new skills in MentorClass

Learn the latest skillsets required by companies through our FREE MentorClass

Job opportunities

Increase job opportunities through Career Accelerator

Join our mentorship programme and get recruited!

A mentorship platform designed for the community

Land a job

Increase your chances of landing a job

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Build your network with influential mentors
in the industry

Finding my ideal career

Discover a career you
will love

Our success stories

Find out why our FutureLab mentor and mentees are winning in life!

Eric Jude

Management Consultant

Accenture Malaysia

I have discovered a deep sense of fulfillment when helping my mentees to take the next step forward. Be it, in terms of their first job or a career change​​

I’m using Futurelab to replace my other social medias..Through Futurelab’s mentors, I managed to secure myself a spot as a Business Analyst in Big 4!


Qi Chan

Business Analyst

KPMG Malaysia

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