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Employee Career Programmes for Corporates

Develop industry and skill-ready talents to increase employee retention

Why employee career programmes?

Create cost-effective and scalable programmes

Create pipeline of new leaders for succession plan

Develop intrapreneurs in your organization

"Before mentorship, the mentees didn't really know what to do because there was a gap in knowledge. After working with FutureLab for 3 years, our mentees are able to reach out to their mentors. This platform provides a seamless connectivity between both parties."


Power your organization by launching our software

Upskill and reskill your employees

The chances of mentees getting promoted increase by 5 times compared to those who did not undergo mentorship.

Keep employees active in our software's built-in to
increase workforce productivity and growth opportunities while undergoing mentoring.

Mentor and track mentoring impact

When organizations are self-driving their professional development programmes, collecting performance statistics consume a significant amount of time.

FutureLab's software easily allows you to measure and track employees' progress to align with your key business goal and succession plan.

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Connect employees with over 3000+ mentors from our database to minimize skill gaps

Because each employee's development requirements and career aspirations varies, HR is unable to grasp the complexities for each employee.

Employees can connect and network with FutureLab mentors from similar or different industries that are aligned with their specific development needs, resulting in better career mentoring outcomes for all.

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Want to upscale your organization learning with FutureLab?

Request a free demo now to learn more about the FutureLab online mentorship platform!

Get connected.
Gain insights.

FutureLab is a social enterprise that connects youth to industry mentors across S.E. Asia to help them pursue their dream career

Getting started

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